Discovering Glenmore Park

On the edge of the Blue Mountains sits the town of Glenmore Park, which has in recent years blossomed into a fantastic area to raise a family. It has plenty of parks and activities as well as great schools and amenities. 

Located a 59 kilometre drive from Sydney, Glenmore Park has become a popular place to live for those who work either in Sydney or Penrith. Penrith offers residents an employment and amenity hug that’s only a 10-minute drive. As of 2020, the estimated population of the suburb is about 24,000 people with more than half of households being couples with children. 

Glenmore Park is a popular suburb for families and professionals. Therefore, the area’s development has been carefully thought out to cater to its residents’ social, recreational, and economic needs.

Schools in Glenmore Park 

The suburb is home to three public primary schools: Glenmore Park Public School, Surveyors Creek Public School, and Regentville Public School. These schools provide excellent education to many families with young children. There are also two private primary schools, Bethany Catholic Primary School and Fernhill School. 

Glenmore Park has two high schools, Glenmore Park High School and Caroline Chisholm Catholic Girls High School. Glenmore Park High School is a moderately sized school with approximately 860 students. It’s well known for its innovative and supportive educational curriculum. 


Glenmore Parkway is the main roadway servicing the suburb. It connects to the Northern Road to access Penrith and the M4 Western Motorway. The M4, or Western Motorway is one of Sydney’s major motorways and creates easy connectivity to Greater Sydney as well as the Blue Mountains. 

For public transportation needs, there are two bus routes that connect Glenmore Park with Penrith, the 797 and 799 buses. These make it easy for residents to access the Glenmore Park Shops and HomeCo Glenmore Park. 

Parks, Recreation and Lifestyle 

Glenmore Park has an abundance of outdoor recreation and green spaces. Popular parks include Rotary Park, Pinnacle Park, Torquay Park, and Jacaranda Park. There are also excellent outdoor activity spaces such as the Glenmore Park Skate Park, Glenmore Park Dog Park, Bluehills Oval, and Glenmore Heritage Valley golf course. 

Recreational spaces in Glenmore Park have been carefully designed to enhance residents’ quality of life. 

Being within proximity to the Blue Mountains, residents have endless walking trails and opportunities for outdoor activities. Just a short trip in the car and you’ll find yourself amongst some of Australia’s most famous nature. If you’re looking to stay close to home, the Magoa Nature Reserve is a great place to ride your bike with an extensive trail network. There is the moderate Glenmore Park to Emu Plains trek for a more extensive day trip. 

The town centre, positioned just off Glenmore Parkway, is the hub for most shopping and cafes in Glenmore. Grab a late and browse through some of your favourite shops. For lunch, try Ros Niyom, which delivers one of the best Thai experiences in the area. 

If you’re thinking of exploring the Dilwynia Trail or stretching your legs at the Mulgoa Nature Reserve, don’t miss The Westend Café for your preferred pre-walk beverage and bacon and egg roll. The perfect start to an excellent morning! 

In recent years, Glenmore Park has evolved into a desirable suburb to raise a family. It’s position just across the river from Penrith, it’s the ideal balance between suburban lifestyle and city convenience.